facelift massage

Our signature massage for rejuvenating maturing skin. This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular and frequent treatments over time help your muscles to be firmer and tighter. We include a massage to the hands, feet, shoulders, neck and scalp in this ultra-luxurious treatment

The Bellanina Facelift Massage and acupressure point stimulation expands the capillaries bringing oxygen and blood to the face.

The BELLANINA FACELIFT massage is a pampering, relaxing massage that improves the appearance of the
face by: Toning, Firming, removing fine lines and wrinkles through stimulation of the underlying layers of the skin and soft tissue which are the Epidermis, Dermis, and the hypodermis.This treatment can improve the appearance of your face with just three (3) application and FREE home instruction.

benefits of facelift massageBENEFITS OF FACE LIFT MASSAGE

  1. Improves over all integrity of the facial muscles
  2. Removes tension trapped in facial muscles
  3. Increase blood, and oxygen flow to the face
  4. Generate new cells in the epidermis
  5. Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Remove under eye puffiness
  7. Remove stress by decreasing facial tension and tightens the skin
  8. Tones  the skin leaving a glowing look for days
  9. Cleanse the skin of impurities
  10. Helps nutrients flow through the capillaries

No Facials, No Botox, No Surgery. This treatment also includes a: Foot, Leg, hand, neck and shoulder massage. Creating beauty with healing hands.

Face lift Massage Prices:

$125 60 min

6 Pack $110 =660

10 Pack $100 =$1,000

15 Pack $90 =1,350

20 Pack $80 =1,600